Erotic Art


Twisted Desires

"Hi there… I'm glad you decided to join me here… This site is sure to be interesting… Want to take a peek inside? I can take a look inside with you… You have to stick close to me… There's no telling what we're going to find in this large site… Oh… Isn't that a little to close? shivers I suppose you can hold on there… blushes Let's take a look…

This is a really strange site but the 3D art is cool. Let's take a look in the Scrap Book Category. There's a lot to look at. This artist has a talent for rendering exciting artwork. These pictures are exciting with a flash of sexy thrown in to thrill you. Darksoul likes working with sexy babes in his pictures. Here's an Egyptian themed picture with an Egyptian princess from a thousand years ago and Anubis. blushes… wide eyed Oh my… Anubis has her on his male thingy and it looks like she's enjoying the pleasure. I think we should move on.

These pictures in the Scrap Book have a wide range of hot pictures with sexy women in situations that are exciting. There's also a light dose of science fiction in this artwork. You'll see women with robots or other scenes of SciFi delights. In this site there's even a set of stories and a promise of great things to come. Janey is a hot babe missing her boyfriend. He's been gone a couple of weeks and that's left her feeling lonely. With her parents gone for the day, Janey is feeling bored. A phone call from her boyfriend doesn't help her with her overwhelming desire for attention. Oh dear… blushes really red I think you should see this for yourself. There are other stories like the princess and the tiger and twisted fairy tales and lots more. This large site is really interesting and the artwork will take your breath away.

I think it's time for me to go… I hope you enjoyed this little peek at Twisted Desires… I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


This site is closed.

This site is closed until further notice.

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